* I buy my gym clothes at Walmart. As long as they fit well (aka no camel toe or something equally as disturbing), I could care less that everything is under $10. They are workout clothes, after all. Clothes that get sweaty and gross and a brand name isn’t going to stop that from happening.

* I have serious issues with people who brush their teeth outside of the bathroom. Our bathroom is off our kitchen and sometimes Michael will walk out of the bathroom to look at something while he’s brushing his teeth. HATE. It just skeeves me out, thinking about all the little particles floating around and landing on stuff.

* I’m apparently really protective of my stuff. Last night Michael was reorganizing the second bedroom and made a comment about one of those plastic, three-drawer things that was filled with my stuff. He had already eliminated some of my piles and when I thought he was going to start sorting through it I got really upset. “That’s my stuff,” I said tearing up. “My stuff! Don’t. Touch. My. Stuff.” Ooooook.

* I bought my wedding dress five days into my engagement.

That wasn’t the plan, but my mom and I decided to “just browse” a bridal shop in New York and browsing became buying because when I stepped out in the fifth dress I knew it was THE one. And when a veil was placed on my head, we teared up. It felt very real. I purchased the dress I’m going to walk down the aisle in!

And no, I can’t show you pictures because, Hi Michael!!! But trust me, it’s beautiful and exactly how I imagined I would look on my wedding day.