Inspired by KLC’s post.

Yin and Yang. That’s what Michael and I should be called. I wouldn’t say we’re complete opposites, because we have a lot in common, but our relationship is very balanced.  For example:

Me: I make piles. Lots and lots of piles. Magazines, clothes, papers. They’re on the end tables, the counter, the chair in our bedroom. I TRY to control it, I really do. But I’m just a pile-er in the end.

Him: Definitely not a pile-er. His super hero name would be the Anti-Pile-er, because he goes around and disassembles my piles when he cleans. Michael is very neat. Everything has it’s spot. You should see our silverware drawer. It’s stunning.

Me: Unless I’m ridiculously tired, bedtime usually includes some reading or TV watching before turning out the light. I need some decompressing time before sleeping.

Him: Can fall asleep standing up and the drop of a hat. I’ve never seen another person go from awake to asleep as fast as he does.

Me: I have no patience. Zip, zero, notta. Slow drivers make me agitated. Product research makes me tired. I get annoyed easily.

Him: Very patient. Spent months researching vehicles before purchasing. Doesn’t enjoy slow drivers, but won’t throw his hands up at them and yell, “what are you DOing?” (Not that I know anyone who does that…)

Me: I also have a tendency to become easily overwhelmed. This was evident this morning when we went to look at another reception venue. It wasn’t what either of us wanted, but I found myself trying to rationalize things about it because it was more affordable than other places. After asking his opinion when we left (he didn’t like it either) I felt a meltdown coming on. I KNOW I just started this process, but I thought finding a venue/setting a date would be a lot easier than it is.

Him: He took my hand and told me that we only get to do this once and because of that, he wants it to be right. He reminded me that when we find the right place, we’ll know. And that even though money is an issue, we’ll deal with that when we need to. He reminded me that this year isn’t all about planning, it’s about enjoying our engagement.

He’s right, of course. It’s so easy to get caught up in the planning and forget about why we’re really doing this. It’s because we love each other. So much.

Oh yeah…

Him: Likes sour cream.

Me: Does NOT.