As soon as the summer begins to fade away and air turns colder, my favorite thing to do is switch out our lightweight blanket for our winter comforter. I love the weight of a warm blanket around me as I sleep. And there’s nothing better than a down comforter. Unfortunately, they cost a fortune.

Plumeria Bay is the answer to my problem. Offering everything from down comforters to feather beds, they’re one stop shopping for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Each blanket is made to order in the United States with the finest European fabrics and Hungarian and Polish white goose down. And they’re so soft! Twenty minutes under my comforter and I was sleeping like a baby.

Comforters come in a variety of sizes and you can even pick your own warmth level! You’ll never have to worry about being too hot or too cold again.

The selections at Plumeria Bay make great gifts, or a perfect addition to your own home. Check them out today!