…ice cream had zero calories.

…that since it doesn’t, we wouldn’t measure our self worth by the size of our jeans.

…the weekends would last just a little longer.

…the designers at Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo would suddenly decide I was their muse and shower me with an endless supply of gorgeous designer shoes.

…my hair would stay frizz-free regardless of how humid it is.

…Martha Stewart will stumble across my blog and offer to plan–and pay for–my entire wedding.

…I would win the lottery, even though I never play.

…I tanned easily, instead of exploding in a multitude of freckles.

…twenty minutes on the elliptical was enough.

…I would get scouted on the street my a modeling agent. Just so I could say I had been scouted on the street by a modeling agent.

…I could keep flannel sheets on the bed all year round.

…that I was naturally this blonde. There would be far less upkeep.

…Kodiak would learn how to vacuum.

…I could be a host on HGTV.

…I liked the taste of  broccoli.

…I didn’t like the taste of crunchy Cheetos.

What do you wish?