I started crying on my way to work today. Not an all out, snotty bawl, but a slow tear running down the cheek type cry. I wasn’t sad, I was happy. And sappy. As usual.

The Big & Rich song “Lost In This Moment” came on and I was imagining myself walking down the aisle towards Michael. I can’t believe I get to do that next year!

Lost in this moment with you/I am completely consumed/My feeling’s so absolute/There’s no doubt/Sealing our love with a kiss/Waited my whole life for this/Watching all my dreams come true/Lost in this moment with you.

Alright, alright. Enough sap. Moving on…

I need to pick bridesmaid dresses. And a photographer. And a caterer. And a color scheme. Gah. But let’s just focus on the bridesmaid dresses for a minute. Finding my dress was easy, but bridesmaids? Booo.

Here are some options. Disregard the colors because like I said, color scheme what? (I’m open to suggestions, by the way.)

This one is from J Crew. I like it because it’s simple and can be worn again. Plus, it’s under $200 and the girls could just order it online instead of having to get fitted. (Any former brides–how the hell did you get all your bridesmaids fitted for dresses??) But don’t let that influence your choice. I’m just saying.


This one is very similar to the first, but comes in lots of different colors and is in a heavier fabric. Good for cooler weather, or girls who want a less clingy fabric.


Maybe I want them to wear long dresses! I think this one is simple and classy. I’m also kind of liking the black…


Again, a long dress. This time strapless. I like the gathering on the side and if I remember correctly, this is what the bridesmaids wore in my Big’s wedding and they looked great. What is your take on strapless, though? Not everyone looks good in strapless dresses.


Help, help, help!!!