Where did the weekend go? Actually, I know exactly where it went. It’s lost somewhere between I-95 and Rt. 84. Where 10 hours of my life have disappeared to. Because this weekend? I was in a car. A lot. From Rhode Island to Connecticut, Connecticut to New York, New York to Massachusetts, Massachusetts to New York and New York to Rhode Island. In three days.

Jen and I headed to New York on Friday to spend the weekend with my family. It was my sister’s Family Weekend at college and since I hadn’t seen her since the summer, I promised I would go.

The drive? SUCKED. Because not only was it raining (and by the way, it always rains when I go home. Every. Time.), it was pouring. Cats and dogs and elephants and gorillas. So much that at one point I could not see the road and if I didn’t know a turn was ahead, we probably would have met our match with a jersey barrier.

But, we did make it home. Just in time to head off to the dress shop and make Jen parade around in a ton of bridesmaid dresses. Some good, some bad, some…banana. Yes, banana yellow. Why oh why is the one sample in Banana Yellow? The dress itself was beautiful, simple lines, very Jackie O. But it’s soooo hard to see past the color. So hard. And really, very few people look good in banana yellow.

Know what helps you forget banana? Three tons of Mexican food. By the time we left the restaurant, my mom, Jen and I were in a guacamole haze and practically had to be rolled to the car. All while carrying five (yes, FIVE) take-out boxes.

Saturday we headed up to my sister’s college and I learned where my road impatience comes from.

Mom: “Come on, Ohio! Pick it up! Yes, yes, the leaves! They’re beautiful! Then pull over! What? You’re on your cell phone? You’re not even looking at the leaves? How can you not be looking at the leaves?!”


My sister greeted us when we arrived and it was so nice to see her. I didn’t even mind her nose ring. Dare I say it was actually kind of cute?

I was sad to say goodbye later that day, but excited to know I’ll see her again in a month.

Later that night we came home and ate our leftovers. All five boxes of them. Re-introduce guacamole haze.

Sunday was more driving, followed by a tennis game where I stunk. I blame it on all the driving.

And the fact that I was weighed down by guacamole.