I made a little extra effort this morning. I coaxed my hair into loose curls, added an extra coat of mascara and put on my favorite wrap dress. Because today I will be a model.

No, I didn’t get discovered on the street. I was asked to “show up, look pretty and eat some food” for a series of ads for my work.

I don’t think I’m photogenic. At all. And since the majority of this photo shoot will involve eating, the lovely residents of and visitors to Connecticut who come across this ad will probably see a blonde girl with frizzy hair (because I’m sure the curls will turn to frizz in 20 minutes) stuffing her face while simultaneously trying to wipe salad dressing off her chest.

But walking into work this morning, I was frizz and salad dressing free. Looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. I came up to the crosswalk that always causes problems because no one stops, and waited as a mini van slowed down.

“Great!” I thought. “They’re going to let me cross!”

Not quite.

As the van slowed down, two men in what had to be their late sixties rolled down their windows and leered at me…even craning their necks back as they coasted through the crosswalk.

It felt soooo dirty and I was super annoyed. “THANK YOU!” I yelled sarcastically as they drove away.

What I wish I had said was, “If you had stopped, you could have watched me walk across!”