Since I began blogging, I’ve developed what I consider some really good friendships. One who is literally my Greek twin, one who turned me on to the heaven that is Luna Bars, one who had to deal with me ranting over gmail chat early one Sunday morning and one, the lovely Sass, who has sent me Easter goodies and my very first engagement card. You may remember that Sass and I met in real life a couple times.

But other than Sass and my blogging coworkers, I haven’t really broken down that wall between the blog world and real life.

Until last night, when I met up with Blogging Barbie. I recognized her immediately, an adorable bouncing blur of blonde hair and a big smile that met me with a hug and a true to life “Squeee!”

It didn’t feel awkward at all. It felt completely normal for her to be grabbing my hand and ogling my ring as a lobby full of people eyed us curiously. And when she told me I was skinny and walked like a dancer, I knew I’d like her immediately.

We ended up talking for over two hours, sharing a bottle of Riesling and some decadent appetizers. (Mac & Cheese with truffles mmmmm.) She even brought me a wedding magazine and a card that I thought was super sweet.

I’m really glad we ended up meeting and only wish I lived closer to the restaurant so we could have split another bottle.

On a wedding related note: today is exactly one month since we got engaged and exactly one year until we get married! Weee!