I was tagged by Hallie to provide 26 random factoids about myself using the alphabet. Which I am very grateful for because it is Monday, and other than telling you about all the wonderful fall clothes I bought yesterday (including Joe’s Jeans on sale!), my brain is in a serious Monday funk. But because I did manage to do a little wedding planning this weekend, I’m going to make them all wedding facts.

A – Anxious. Not about getting married, just about getting everything done, affording everything, hoping things go smoothly.

B – Bridesmaids. I’m really happy with my decisions and all the girls have been great. I even sent them the first edition of the Aisle File, a bridesmaid newsletter that introduced them all to each other, provided contact information and told them about getting measured for their dresses. Yeah…it’s a bit much. What can I say.

C – Cost. Holy crap, weddings are expensive. Of course I knew this going in, but once you start making deposits on things it becomes very real very fast. Michael and I are paying for most of it by ourselves and we will make it work. But it’s still overwhelming. See letter ‘A’.

D – Dress. I LOVE my dress. I wish I didn’t have to wait six months or so for my first fitting. When I went home the other weekend they let me try on the sample again…mostly because the store wasn’t busy and I said I wanted Jen to see me in it. The truth was I just wanted to put it on again!

E – Engaged. Nope, not getting old. We’ve always been so happy together, but since the engagement those feelings have been heightened ten-fold. There’s so much love in our house it’s sick. You have to be careful walking through there or you might emerge covered in honey and flowers and hearts. My fiancé? He’s awesome. Love you, babe.

F – Father/Daughter dance. I’m stumped on this one. I really don’t want any my little girl/I saw her first/butterfly kisses type of thing. My dad and I are close, but that sappy stuff won’t do. Any ideas?

G – Guest list. It’s currently at 204. That is about 30 too many. We figured out about 25 who we can take off so hopefully we’ll be inviting around 180 and some of them won’t come!

H – Honeymoon. The main problem here is Michael is terrified of flying. So he’s going to have to take some serious drugs and hopefully not be on a plane for too, too long. Right now I’m kind of leaning towards St. Lucia.

I – Invitations. A friend of ours does invitations on the side so she’s probably going to do ours. Whatever I want she can do. Except…I don’t really know what I want! I saw a picture of a Kate Spade invitation with leaves that I thought was beautiful. I might have her recreate that.

J – Juniper. Actual name of one of the colors of bridesmaid dresses. Along with Banana Yellow. Ugh. I’m leaning towards a deep red.

K – Keepsake. I have a wedding box. It was a gift from a former bride who insisted I have one. Inside is every card we’ve received, scraps of wrapping paper, color swatches, photos, etc. That’s in addition to the The Book, which holds all official papers, ideas and contracts.

L – Last name. I’m going to have a new one! As excited as I am about getting married and becoming Mrs. Michael, the new name part is still a little weird. I’m very much going to take his name…it’s just going to take some getting used to. I had dinner with my friend Elizabeth on Friday and she gave me a beautiful handkerchief with my new initial on it. I had to hold back tears.

M – Music. Music is VERY important to me. I know what I want to walk down the aisle to, what I want our first dance to be. I also want a DJ, but Michael wants a band. He says a band can really make the party, which I agree, but here’s my argument. When people hear a song they love it gets them out on the dance floor. A DJ can’t mess up the song. He’s just pushing play. Also, a DJ is cheaper. And is only one mouth to feed.

N – Not me. Here’s some wedding things that are just not me: wearing a blusher, sparkles on my dress, updo’s, big floral centerpieces. Oh, and another thing that’s not me? Marly. Who’s Marly? I’m not sure, but it’s not me. We’ve gotten a few cards from Michael’s relatives addressed to Michael and Marly. And one to Mollie. At least that was closer.

O – October!

P – Photographer. We met with one who we really liked and are meeting with another later this week. I’m really going for that photojournalistic look where they capture emotions you don’t even know you’re showing. Sure, we’ll get a couple of posed group shots, but I really want most of it to be candid.

Q – Questions left to answer: where are we having the ceremony? What time will we start? How many rooms do we need to block? Where will we get our hair done? Should I hire someone to do my makeup or have the salon do it? And on, and on, and on…

R – Rehearsal dinner. We haven’t asked yet, but I thought I would leave this one to Michael’s mother so she feels included. Although I’m not sure if she’ll go for the place I want to have it; a great place near us that has 69 beers on tap.

S – Signature. I think the cookie bar will be our signature thing. It’s very much us, and I hope to incorporate a whole bunch of cookies, including black & whites for my New York heritage and some oatmeal/cranberry/white chocolate type cookie for New England.

T – Toasts. I think we’ll go with parent’s toasts at the rehearsal and the maid of honor and best man at the wedding so the toasts don’t get too long. Although I’d really like my friend Elle to give a toast, since she said some beautiful things about my relationship last time I saw her. (Hear that, Elle? Start writing!)

U – Understanding. I know Michael will understand when I’m a stressful wreck the week before, because when I’m walking towards him on our wedding day, it will all be worth it.

V – Veil. When they put a veil on me at the bridal salon I got teary. It makes it so real. I won’t be wearing a blusher, but a simple fingertip length veil that cascades over my back.

W – Words of advice. Everyone has some, but one of the most interesting piece I received was from a complete stranger this weekend. She said, “always keep a piece of yourself for yourself.” She said women often lose themselves when they get married. “Love him with all your heart,” she said, “but don’t forget who you are.” I liked that.

X – (not) X-rated. Michael isn’t into strippers, but his friends might be. I don’t care if they go to a strip club for his bachelor party, but I draw the line at private strippers. They are nasty.

Y – “Yes!” Can’t wait to answer the question “do you take Michael to be your husband?”

Z – Zany. I want my wedding to be a blast, everyone dancing, everyone having fun. I want it to be crazy! In a good way, of course.