The tale end of hurricane Noel hit us this weekend. We didn’t have any real damage other than a bunch of tree limbs down, but the combination of my lingering cold and the whipping winds kept Michael and I inside the entire day. The. Entire. Day.

There’s not much to do inside on a Saturday other than watch TV. So that’s what we did. We started with the news, then moved on to football. A sport I basically knew nothing about. We watched the Kansas University/Nebraska University game, since Michael spent some time at KU and is still a Jayhawk fan. I spent the majority of the game asking, “wait, what just happened?” and “hold on, what does that mean?”

I know, I know. But I’ve never really been into sports. And not wanting to look like an idiot when I’ve watched with other people, I never said anything. Teaching me about sports is just one of the jobs he’s going to have to take on as my fiancé. That and bringing me ice cream from the kitchen because I’m on the couch and it’s too far away. 

Sunday we went to His Mother’s for her birthday dinner and even though her friends who I despise with every fiber of my being were there, it wasn’t that bad. He actually kept his bigoted comments to himself and was laughing, which is totally out of character. And His Mother was nice and appeared to like the necklace I bought her, putting it on and wearing it to church later that night.

She did throw a wrench in everything when she asked me to go to weekly Bible study with her, but I think I wiggled my way out of it without too much issue.

Later that night we came home and Michael curled up with me to watch some more of my Gilmore Girls DVD. Because he’s good like that. And after I fell asleep on the couch, he kissed my forehead to wake me for bed.

Damn, I love that boy.