I spent the majority of last night cleaning our bedroom. Why? The piles. I’ve told you all about the piles before. I can’t help it…I make piles. Our bedroom was especially bad because it’s not finished. The walls are still an awful yellow from the previous owners and I hate the carpet. Since we haven’t renovated it yet, it doesn’t feel homey. And I suppose since it doesn’t feel homey, I don’t keep it as zen and I probably should keep my bedroom. Hence, the piles.

But the piles and piles of clothes had basically taken over the whole room, so while Michael was at work I put on the episode of Say Yes to the Dress I’d been waiting to watch and dove in.

Kodiak, who usually likes to lie right next to the bed apparently wanted nothing to do with the piles, as he took one look at me and went to lie at the top of the stairs.


Have you seen Say Yes to the Dress? It’s great. It’s a show on TLC about brides shopping for the perfect dress at Kleinfeld’s in New York City. Sometimes I’m shocked at what they spend (one bride spent $11,000 on her dress! And it was ugly!) and other times I wonder what they are thinking. (Feathers? Really?) Of course, sometimes it also sends me into a panic, like when one bride came for her fitting and her dress was the wrong color. If that happens to me I will probably lose it.

On one episode, a bride was talking about her colors and it got me thinking. I’m still not entirely sure what my wedding colors will be, but I’m thinking they will represent fall. I really like the colors represented in the inspiration board below.


One thing I do know is that my bridesmaids will wear red. I know they’ll all look great, especially my sister who looks stunning in red. Actually, she looks great all the time, especially when she’s laughing.

When Michael came home I hovered behind him until he walked into the bedroom and saw how clean it was. He was very, very happy to see the piles had disappeared. Like, really happy.

So happy, that as we snuggled up in bed he kissed the back of my neck and said, “Will you marry me?”

Hehe. Yes. Yes I will.