Wow. Can I just take a minute and say a big THANK YOU to all the amazing readers that commented yesterday? You guys rock. It was so nice to hear from regulars, lurkers and new readers all at once. Your words talked me down from the blogging ledge and I promise you, I’m not going anywhere.

If I could afford it, I would buy you all a pair of designer shoes.

Of course now you’ve put me in a tight spot, because after all those “write on, woman!” comments, I feel like I must impress. And big surprise, today I’ve got nothing.

Want to know how today is Day One of eating no dairy? You remember my battle with dairy, right? My mouth is in love with it, but my stomach? Not so much. After being sick almost every day, I finally started writing down what I eat. And what do you know…I somehow have managed to be eating some form of dairy at almost every meal. I have a college degree, I swear.

No? Don’t want to talk about dairy? Alright, how about how I almost DIED last night?

I’ve been taking Michael’s new Envoy to work the last view days and was on my way home in the post-daylight savings time dark. I was in the right lane heading North and there was someone in front of me and someone next to me in the left lane. As we were coming up a hill, there was suddenly headlights facing us. There was someone driving South in the Northbound lane. And fast!

The driver on my left swerved into my lane to avoid hitting the brilliant driver aiming at us and the rest of us jacked up on our breaks. From 65 to zero pretty damn quickly. It all happened so fast, but as I slowly began to breathe again and was aware of my heart beating out of my chest, the first thing I thought was “Good thing I didn’t get hit in the new car!”

Priorities, people.

I got a great comment from one of my bridesmaids yesterday. She went to get measured for her dress and texted me “…and by the way, my butt is twice as big as my waist!”

Women always notice the important things.