…for watching Gilmore Girls and The Hills with me. Even though I know you secretly like them both.

…for always saying dinner tastes good, even if it doesn’t.

…for not being able to keep your hands off my butt, even when I complain that it’s annoying. I secretly hope that when we’re old and gray you still won’t be able to keep your hands off my butt. That goes for grabbing at me in your sleep too.

…for absentmindedly fondling my ring while we watch TV.

…for keeping our relationship drama-free.

…for listening with real interest when I tell you all about my blog friends.

…for actually having opinions about the wedding, but at the same time, letting me do mostly what I want.

…for asking me to marry you. Yup, still excited about that one.

…for telling me I look cute in sweatpants and no makeup.

…for loving me. I love you too.

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