Wear Ease® is a company that designs and manufactures post-mastectomy lingerie for women to wear after breast or chest surgery. Their goal is to provide comfort, while still allowing women to feel feminine. 

The Dawn Camisole by Wear Ease® is a cotton-blend camisole that offers elastic support for the healthy breast, as well as two drainage pouches in the front and back. My mother, a breast cancer survivor, tried on the camisole and said she wished she had one right after surgery. “The pockets would have held the drains comfortably,” she said. “Instead I had to awkwardly tuck them into my pants.”

Made of high grade cotton, breathable for all types of climates, with spandex, makes it easy to step into and easy to pull down for dressing changes and doctor exams.

And remember, just because October is over, doesn’t mean the fight for a cure for breast cancer is. Click here to continue to fund free mammograms.