Taking a page from Ashley’s book, because it was just so good.

Notes to Everyone…

…I’m going to miss you a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. I’m not ready to deal with it yet, but just prepare yourself for tears.

…I’m annoyed you’re the only one that hasn’t figured out a way to get their measurements done. I hope this isn’t an indication of how you’ll be as a bridesmaid. (And today I’m glad you don’t read the blog.)

…I’m sad we’re not spending Thanksgiving together. This year especially it feels like we should be.

…Friday night was awesome and I love how we can hang out for an hour and a half and have it feel like three days. Two weeks to go and we’re toasting with mojitos!

….I’m so proud of you. I try not to call you too much because you’re a big kid now, but I really am so, so proud. But I hate your hippy pants.

…No matter where I go, you are my home. I can’t wait to curl up on the couch and catch up! (And stuff our faces with artichoke dip.)

…You have become one of my closest friends in a short amount of time. Thank you for listening to me ramble about everything under the sun. Our kids are going to have a great time playing in their suburban neighborhood.

…I’m convinced we’re cosmically connected. But I still hate that song.

…You are the only person who can convince me to buy a sweater out of the junior section. You were right, it looks great.

…If you ask me one more time if I want to go to Bible study, I will ask you if you want to go to a special showing of the Thunder From Down Under.