Over Thanksgiving my mom, aunt and sister accompanied me to the bridal salon to decide on a bridesmaid dress. I had narrowed it down to a few, with one in particular I really liked. My sister was a good sport and tried on a whole bunch. But in the end it was the dress I had originally picked. This one in red:


I loved the simplicity of it. The tiny belt, so Jackie O. I knew that all my girls would look stunning and it was so nice to have such a big task done. I enjoyed my Thanksgiving and headed back to Rhode Island with another check mark in the planning book.

And then yesterday I got a phone call. “Hi Molly, this is [the bridal salon].”

My heart stopped. My wedding dress! What was wrong with my wedding dress??

“The bridesmaid dress you ordered has been discontinued.”

I didn’t freak out. I didn’t yell at the woman for keeping a sample of a discontinued dress in her store. I think I was so relieved that nothing was wrong with MY dress that the reality of it didn’t hit me, not even when she was listing some more styles she thought I would like. (Um, I looked. I don’t like them. At all.)

It wasn’t until after I hung up that I got pissed. I complained to Anna in the next room. I called my friend and complained. I sent Clink an email using some choice words. And then I called my mom, who got pissed off for me, (Love it!) then brilliantly suggested that I call the store back and ask them to order a sample of the dress I originally wanted that they didn’t carry. Remember this one? You all liked it!


They said they would call the company right away and try to get a sample for when I’m back in New York at Christmas. Then they called back and said that they can get a sample, but not until February. (“What, do they have to growΒ the silk?” said Anna.)

SoΒ up side, there will be a dress in the store in my sister’s size in February. Down side, well, not till February. But up side, if I find the dress in Rhode Island and like it, they can order it for all the bridesmaids immediately.


I guess I was due for a wedding mishap, hmm? At least it happened 11 months out and not two!