So it’s here. The last day of work. When I gave my notice a month ago I thought the time would crawl. But it didn’t. Instead it FLEW and now all of the sudden it’s the last day.

Yesterday was weird. I started cleaning out my desk, taking down photos and putting everything in a sad little white box to take home.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about my new job. But leaving this job today? SUCKS.

I brought lots of tissues. I’ve been warning Mike since I gave notice that I was going to cry. I know myself. Emotional, party of one. I also wrote Mike’s card at home, alone, hours before I had to come in today so I wouldn’t be all snotty and red-eyed.

The joke has been it’s not goodbye, it’s just see you later. Which is true. We’ve planned on monthly lunch dates, we’ve always got the blogs and I fully expect to see Mike cutting up the dance floor at my wedding.

And every time a boy band comes on the radio, I’m going to think of him. (omg the Backstreet Boys just came on his iPod as I’m typing this. Freaky! But, awww.)

I’m also going to miss my lunches with Chelle and my wedding talk with Anna. You just don’t find people like this every day.

So while I’m happy, I’m also very sad.

I’m ready to start the new page in my book, but I’m really going to miss this chapter.