The new job starts Monday. I decided only to take a long weekend between jobs because a) I would end up going to Marshalls way too many times if I took a week and b) it’s the holiday season and I can’t really afford to go too long between paychecks.

I decided today would be a Molly day. After a very emotional day yesterday (gah, the tears!), I got my hair done last night (blondie, blonde, blonde, blonde) and I have a massage scheduled for this afternoon, followed by some Christmas shopping.

I’m so disappointed in myself. Last year I was done with all my shopping by the second week in December. All the gifts were perfectly wrapped and waiting to travel to New York and rest underΒ the tree.

This year? I’ve done nothing. I know what I’m getting Michael and my dad, I have an idea for my mom, but everyone else…gah!

So I’m enlisting your help. I really need a gift for my 18-year old sister.

Likes: music (all types, except country), theater, laughing, Sharpies, ugly hippie pants, nose rings, hair dye, Goldfish crackers, eyeliner.

Dislikes: Pointy-toe heels (I know. Breaks my heart too.), pickles…I can’t think of more. She’s pretty easy going.

OK…ready, set, HELP!