So far, I like the new job a lot. I love the cute kitchen, the skylights, the hardwood floors. I love the banter that goes back and forth between employees and I really like working with Ashley.

What I don’t like is the inevitable, uncomfortable first days, where you’re given busy work while you learn about the company but really feel useless. I went through that at my last job too. It’s just part of the package, I know. But as I sit in my cube (which I think is a nice cube. I’ve never had a cube before, but this one is spacious and not at all Office Space-like.) listening to everyone else typing and talking on the phone while I search Google and rearrange my three pens, I feel a little weird.

I brought the pictures that used to sit on my own desk, but I definitely need to hang more stuff. I’d take a picture to show you what my new space looks like, but my phone would totally make a noise and I don’t want to already label myself as Weird Girl. They’ll figure that out on their own when I have my first hissy fit about wearing snow boots.

Also? The phone is scary. There’s no extensions, so everyone has their name next to a button and you push it to talk to them or forward a call.

I swear I’m not a 75-year old woman seeing an office for the first time.