With the end of 2007 right around the corner, I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite parts of the last year. In pictures, of course.

We rang in the new year by celebrating my 24th birthday. The evening deserved a major thumbs-up. The girls are also making fun of my super-straight thumbs, or finger thumbs, if you will.


Midnight: the official start of 2007. We look like fools.Β 

In May, my beautiful sorority sister (hi, Big!) got married. It was the most fun wedding I’ve ever been to.

In July, it was time for Vegas, baby! This particular picture was taken in the bathroom at the Paris casino. After we drank a yard drink and ran through the main floor speaking French.

Our first night, at the Bar at Times Square. Note the jet lag and the weirdo behind us. I love this picture and have it framed on my desk.

September 24, 2007. The best day of my life. Engaged!


Don’t think I don’t know how lucky I am. He hatedΒ  having these pictures taken. He did it because I wanted to. 10 months to go!

On top of all that, I also started a great new job. I think 2007 has been my best year yet. I can’t wait to see what 2008 brings.