The lovely Kickyboots made a knock-off of Starbuck’s Cranberry Bliss Bars and even though they didn’t turn out exactly as she hoped, I decided I would try to make them anyway. Why? Because come winter time, Michael and I single-handedly support our local Starbucks by purchasing the delicious treat.


See that drizzling? You can thank Sandra Lee and Semi-Homemade Cooking for that lovely trick. No pastry bag? No problem! Just snip off the corn of a Ziplock bag! Anyway, it’s tasty, but it’s certainly not bliss. I’m sort of disappointed I made cake, icing AND drizzle from scratch and it doesn’t taste the same. Boo.

Yesterday, Michael and I decided to finally hang up the copious amounts of artwork that has been leaning against the wall forever. Artwork included a print from my last job over the bed in the guest room, (yes, that’s a stuffed Newfoundland on the bed and the picture IS straight, I don’t know why it looks crooked in the picture) and others in the hall and kitchen.


We also finally hung our diplomas in the office. You know, just about three years after actually graduating.


I started Christmas shopping and began wrapping, only to run out of tape three gifts in. So I wrote out our Christmas cards instead and finished some thank-you cards for engagement gifts.


And yesterday we bought our tree! I’m decorating it tonight so I’ll show you more tomorrow. I’d also love to show you how cute the house looks lit up with candles in the window and a wreath on the door, but it was raining last night and I’m not that dedicated.


How was your weekend?