“Mom, lemme out. I gotta pee. Mom. Mom? Mom!”

“Ooooh, Mom! Snow! I love snow! It’s cold! It’s wet! I eat it and lie in it and roll in it!”

“Thanks, Mom. This is great!”

“Come in? What do you mean, come in? I do not come in. I love snow! See how it sticks to my head. Notice the drool freezing into an icicle. Come in? Mom, you crazy.”


“I am Kodiak. I think I’m little. See me run like the wind away from Mom. I am a blur….woosh!”



“Wait, have to check if Mom’s still watching.”

“Mom, you see me? I’m not coming in. No way, no how. Snow, Mom. Snow! “

“I am Kodiak. I am black as night against my pure white canvas. Must go paint it yellow.”


“Haha, Mom. I win! I won’t come back in until I’m completely covered and then I’ll shake it in your kitchen.”

“Bye, Mom. Gotta go. SNOW!”