I always do this. I have the best intentions of Christmas shopping for other people. I remember snippets of conversations all year long. I file away things they’ve mentioned or if I can’t come up with anything, I flat out ask them. I write lists. I plan budgets. I get it done!

Except somewhere along the way, I also do some shopping that’s not on the list. Mainly, for me. I bought one thing for Michael–the first season of Everybody Loves Raymond because he likes that show and wanted to start collecting the DVDs–but all the other stuff was for me.

Like the Ralph Lauren skirt that is so sexy-sophisticated and totally a classic item that I can wear forever.

Or the turquoise crocodile bag that is such a unique color and fantastic addition to any wardrobe.

Or the v-neck top that’s super flattering.

(Do you see how I’ve justified each purchase?)

The thing is, I shouldn’t be spending money on myself. Especially since with the wedding and switching jobs (you know that lovely period of time when you’re done getting paid at one but haven’t gotten paid at the other?) money is tight.

But I didn’t buy any shoes!


What have you bought for yourself this holiday season?

 PS- If you’re looking for some holiday gifts for babies, my friend makes the cutest booties. Check out her Etsy site, Kaya’s Kloset!