So 2008 is officially here. I rang in the new year with some of my closest friends, my lovely Michael and some very delicious Parrot Bay and Sprite. In a tall glass, natch.

Thank you all for the amazing birthday wishes, texts and cards. I would especially like to thank my IBFF for the ridiculously cute “Soon to be Mrs. (Michael’s last name)” hoodie. I cannot wait to wear it.

And also, you guys are too funny with my hair. Seriously? You like it that much? I’d love to tell you that I wake up with it looking like that everyday, but that would be a lie. What you see is a result of lots of curl-shaping mousse and hot rollers. If you really want I’ll give you a tutorial sometime.

So far, my 25th year has been great and I can’t wait to see what 2008 brings. (And oh yeah, I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!!)

And tomorrow it gets even better as my office and I leave for an entire week in Vegas! Don’t worry, I’ve left six wonderful guest bloggers in charge of this place.

Now I must go, as I have 1,001 things to do before tomorrow and like five minutes to do it all.

Have a great week! I will miss you!