High: Amazing food including ricotta gnocchi from Wolfgang Puck and  homemade table-side guacamole that should really become one of the basic food groups.


Low: Probably gaining about five pounds.

High: Getting on the VIP list at JET and seeing Heidi and Spencer.

He’s even uglier in person, if you ask me.


And Heidi, my god. Eat something!


Low: The arrival of three excruciatingly painful blisters that made each step through JET require calming breathing exercises.

High: My company’s 10-year anniversary party that started in a beautiful suite with a huge balcony overlooking the strip.

High: Meeting tons of industry people, making great conversation and being told that I look gorgeous in my dress.

High: Getting on the VIP list at Tabu and table dancing till 4:30 a.m. with coworkers and clients while drinking a $400 bottle of vodka.

Low: Getting up two hours later to begin the actual work part of the trip.

High: Meeting more industry people, editors and people from every major television network while learning a lot about my job.

Low: Standing in the freezing cold for nine hours each day.

High: Room service.

Low: There is no low to room service.

High: Finally coming home after a very long week.

Low: Seven hours of flying to get there.

High: Coming down the escalator last night and seeing Michael smiling up at me.

It’s good to be back, I’ve missed you! Now fill me in…what’s going on in your life? I feel so behind!