I missed Delurking Day. I should really have a discussion with my job about making me leave the state when there’s important blogging business going on.

I was bummed, but then I realized something. I don’t have to be conventional. If I want delurking, I’m going to have delurking! I hereby name today Delurking Day Revisited. So there.

I want to know who you are and how you got here. I cannot tell you how much I value my readers and every time I get a comment or an email from someone new I get as excited as I did from my very first comment.

But delurking isn’t fun unless you’re sharing something embarrassing, right? Right. So along with the basics, I’m askingΒ  you to share the ugliest shoe in your closet. Tell me all about it is. Is it pleather? Platform? A Croc? Regular commenters, you are NOT off the hook. I know you’ve got some doozies hiding in the depths of your closets. Or who knows, maybe they’re on your feet!

To be fair, I’ll share the ugliest pair in my closet. I want to stress that I DO NOT wear these anymore, but if we’re being honest, I used to. A lot.

Look at these beauties. Leather uppers, rubber soles, strap soΒ big it practically eats your toes. Sweeeet.


If anyone is feeling super adventurous, they can send me a picture of their worst. If I get enough I’ll make a whole post about them!

So welcome, lurkers. Can’t wait to meet you!