Unlimited vacation time, stress-free wedding planning, a closet full of designer shoes (in multiple colors), calorie-free pizza (and a stomach that likes dairy), chocolate-covered cherries, the perfect black dress, naturally highlighted hair, porcelain skin, summertime weather without humidity, hours in the gym to feel like minutes, a grilled cheese sandwich.

To write a book.

I want a comfortable relationship with my future mother-in-law, the last five pounds to just vanish, smaller arms, bigger eyes, to always take a perfect picture, old-school Britney, frizz-free curls, the ability to tan, fresh strawberries,

A bigger bathroom.

I want to sleep in, drive with the windows down, have more time with Michael, the dog not to shed, a housekeeper, a personal chef and a trainer, to visit my family, catch up with old friends,

A Snickers ice cream bar.

What do you want?