Here’s a confession: I don’t spend a lot on products. Shoes? Yes. Jeans? Yes. But products? Well, with the wonderful worlds of Target, Walmart and CVS, I’ve found I really don’t have to. Now it’s true, in the summer humidity nothing is better to my hair than some Aveda, but for everyday stuff I’m a bargain queen.

(On a side note, here’s one of the pairs I bought last night. Meow. And don’t be fooled, that’s not Louboutin Red you see. I wish!)


 So, back to the products. I’m always hunting for new stuff and I know lots of you are too. So I thought I’d share! To start things off we have the True Blend foundation (#420) by Cover Girl. I have very fair skin with cheeks that like to turn pink and this stuff evens everything out nicely.


Bought on a whim, this stuff is my newest obsession. Pantene Silk Transforming Crème. (Oooh lala, it’s French.) It does double-duty for my hair. Used before drying it made my hair SO soft, and added later to dry hair it rejuvenated my waves. Plus, it smells really good.


I have small eyes. So it’s very rare that I leave the house without some sort of eyeliner/mascara combination. The Telescope mascara by L’Oreal is the only mascara I’ve ever bought that I feel comfortable wearing alone. Just two swipes makes my lashes great for day and a few more at night makes major drama. Love.


This is not a drugstore purchase, but I have to tell you about it because it’s fabulous. I received the Lip Fusion lip gloss set from my boss and I adore it. Lip plumping, yummy tasting (my favorite is the one that tastes like grapefruit) and it stays on forever! Seriously!


Now I’ve been nice and shared with you, so now it’s your turn. Tell me about your drugstore loves. I’ll probably run out and by them!