Before I get into today’s story, I hate to inform you that no, you will not being seeing a picture of me in my dress. You’ll have to wait till October. Why? Because Michael reads the blog, sillies! (Hi, baby!)

Moving on…

Last night was my long awaited hair appointment. I usually go every six weeks for a trim and fresh highlights, but because of travel I had to push it back. My hair was screaming to be refreshed and my body was longing for two hours of having to do nothing but relax, chat and read crappy magazines.

All was going as planned in the beginning. I chatted with my stylist about Vegas and my wedding dress, flipped through InStyle and slowly watched my head turn into a giant mass of foil. After she finished, I reached for Us Weekly and was about to take a sip of my herbal tea when…

“It’s ruined! You ruined it! How could you?!”

I turned, expecting to see the woman behind me screaming at her stylist. Instead, she was sobbing into her phone, her newly red hair falling over her shoulders.

“I should have never listened to you! I look horrible!”

I don’t know who told her to go red, but apparently they were in big trouble. All the while the stylist is trying to explain to her that its just hair dye and she could always, you know, dye it another color.

After she settled down I got lost in the story of Heidi and Spencer’s breakup, when I got the sense I was being watched. I turned to my right and was shocked to see a black lab sitting at the next station. In the chair.

Now I am most definitely a dog person, but I was in a salon and this was clearly not a seeing eye dog or anything. This was just…a dog. Sitting in a chair. I looked around me, opening and closing my mouth as if to talk, but no words were coming out. Before I could find my voice a woman came running from the lobby apologizing.

“Sorry! I just stopped by to pick up my coat I left here. Honey wasn’t supposed to come in!”

Honey. The dog. That was sitting in the chair.

At this point I’m kind of on edge because my relaxing hair appointment has been anything but.

But then it was time to wash my hair and that is heaven. The intoxicating smell of expensive shampoo, the warm water and the head massage. I could fall asleep in the chair every time.

I left the salon exactly the way I had intended. Relaxed, blonde and bouncy. And I was very happy to arrive home and see Kodiak.

Lying on the floor.

Coming Monday:

How-To Hair: The Curl Tutorial.