Alternately titled: I love you guys enough to post myself looking like a total fool.

Because many of you have been requesting it for awhile now, I’ve finally put together the Molly Curl tutorial. To begin, you should start with the following items:


1. Hot rollers in three sizes. It’s important not to use all one size for this particular look. While jumbo rollers are great for volume, they won’t give you the curl you’re looking for, and while small rollers are great, a whole head full will leave you looking more Shirley Temple than Kate Hudson.

2. Volumizing curl mousse. Probably the most crucial product aside from the rollers. If you can’t find a combination volume/curl, go for the volume.

3. A texturizing product. I use a texturizing foam wax because it doesn’t make my hair too sticky, but if you have a product you prefer, go with that.

4. Hair spray.

Step One:

After washing hair, I apply two good palmfuls of mousse. The amount of product you use will vary depending on your hair type. I have fine hair, so the mousse is important to obtain the volume I’m after. Distribute evenly through damp hair, making sure to really rub it into the roots.

Blow dry upside down to achieve maximum volume. Don’t worry about a perfect blow out. Working with your natural texture makes the style even better.

When fully dry, apply a quarter-sized amount of texturizing product. Distribute evenly, this time avoiding roots. My hair tends to get a little tangly here, so I gently run a brush through the ends.

Step Two:

Position hair with your part the way you want it when curly. Begin with a medium-sized roller and a two to three inch piece of hair. Pull taut and roll away from your face. Secure with roller clip.


Step Three:

Work around the top of your head in the same manner. Do not worry about making uniform lines or if the ends stick up a little. We’re not going for a perm-look or something too fussy.


(My head does not usually look like an old lady’s. For some reason I was raising my eyebrows without thinking.)

Step Four:

Continue working around your head, adding smaller rollers (in white) around the frame of your face where tighter curls would naturally occur.


Step Five:

Continue rolling, using largest rollers for bottom layers of hair. These rollers will produce big, soft waves that will provide a good base for the rest of your curls.

When fully rolled, spray entire head with a good misting of hairspray.

Let sit for 20-25 minutes until rollers are fully cooled.


(Dorky face optional.)

Step Six:

When cool, slowly unroll rollers, being careful not too pull hair too hard. Pulling equals frizz, not curls. When all rollers are removed, flip head over and shake out the curls. Lightly spray with hairspray.

Note: at this point your hair is going to look BIG. Lion-esque, if you will. Don’t worry. In a few minutes the curls will begin to relax.

Gently play with your hair until you’ve achieved the desired position. Give it another spray for good measure.

Ta da! The Molly Curl!





You like?