Lying in bed:

“Get up. Get up, get up, get up. Yes, that first digit on the clock is a six. It doesn’t matter. Must. Get. Up. That’s it, one foot out from under the covers. Ignore the sleeping boy next to you! Do not be dragged in my his warmth and sexy tousled bed head. Well, maybe just five more minutes. Mmm the down comforter is so nice and the pillow so soft and…MOLLY GET UP. It is the Year of the Bride. You have no excuse to not be in that gym. Go.

OK. Up. Good. This isn’t so bad. Ready to go and, oh. Hi, Kodiak. You have to go out? You can’t wait a little bit? Of course you can’t, what am I thinking. Sorry, baby. Alright, let’s go. Leash, hat, Michael’s big coat. All set. Holy CRAP it’s cold. Thirteen degrees? Are you kidding me? I better start the car or it will never defrost in time. Kodiak, no. You cannot go in Mom’s car. Stop it. Seriously, dog. Stop it.

Good boy! You peed. Now poop. No, don’t sniff the tree, poop. Stop looking at the ducks, it’s cold. Please poop. No? OK, we’re going in. Dad can take you out later. Yes, yes, I know there are ducks. Please stop looking at me forlornly. Some of us don’t have a built-in fur coat.”

At the gym:

“I made it. Wow, is that really the time? It’s early. Wow! I weigh two pounds less in the morning. Sweet! Hi, Jen! Yes, I didn’t want to get out of bed either. Did you know it’s 13 degrees? Good morning, elliptical.  This is probably the cleanest you’ll be all day. Let’s go!

Oh, In Touch, you make the workout so much easier. Is it bad I feel a little smug that I’m sweating up a storm while Britney stuffs her face? Nah, you’re working it, girl. You’re fit! And healthy!

And…wow. Tired. Really tired. And my legs are sore. And, huh. What do you know? It’s time to go home.”

Back at home:

Hi, Kodiak! Oh man, Dad is still sleeping? OK…let’s try to poop again. Seriously, dog. I mentioned it was cold, right? I’m beginning to think this was just a ploy to see the ducks again. We’re going in.”

While getting ready:

“OK, I thought about this in the shower. Turtleneck. Check. Textured stockings. Check. Need skirt. What about this one? No, Michael, this is not a new skirt, I just haven’t taken the tags off yet. Not sure, not sure. Too long? Yes. New skirt. Yes! I like this skirt. But which shoes? Am thinking the slouchy boots. Do they go with this skirt? Yes, they do. But isn’t it supposed to rain? I don’t remember. Why does this feel like a deja vu? Alright, no slouchy boots. Purple heels. Yessss. Love the purple heels. Time for work!

Wait, only 8:45? I think it’s going to be a long day…”