So yeah, yesterday. Religion. Heavy. But today! Shoes! Light! Especially since it’s Thursday and not Friday like I wish it was. And before we get into it, I’d like say thank you to everyone that nominated me for three 20 Something Blogger Awards. You are all too sweet and I love you dearly.

Now…on to the good stuff. Or should I say, the bad stuff.

Attack of the butterfly! Don’t worry, when you kill it, you can preserve your specimen in the lovely attached clear viewing container.


Mr. and Mrs. Jones were concerned at first, but the doctor assured them that nowadays, circumcision is the norm.


Real or faux, your crocodile shoe should not actually look like a crocodile. Those eyes!


Every month Real Simple shows you new uses for every day things. I don’t think using your cheese grater as a shoe was what they had in mind.


All that’s missing is the matching wind pants and the light-up visor. Atlantic City, here comes grandma!


And then Pocahontas dried the hide, then cut the hide, then wove it together with twine.


Tired of making puppets out of your old stockings? Try a shoe!


Santa Crocs. Two words that should never, ever go together. (I’m sorry, Ashley. I’m sorry.)