Some of you will be happy to know that I am putting the January funk behind me. Writing that post yesterday (and emailing all morning with Clink, who swore to me that no, you are not a giant snow beast and yes, you will fit perfectly into your wedding dress) was very therapeutic. It kicked my butt into gear and made me realize that with anxiety, it’s either sink or swim.

I don’t really enjoy swimming, but I’d really hate to sink.

So I dove into work, chipping away at projects little by little until it didn’t seem quite as overwhelming. I also went home and had lunch with Michael, and seeing the boy mid-day makes everything better. And right before the end of the day I got an email from this guy, which I won’t share, but let me just say that hisΒ encouraging words made me tear up a little.

So in celebration of a new month, I bring you the things that are making me very happy right now.

– I get to spend the weekend with my mom and aunt, getting fitted in my wedding dress, not the sample dress.

– Following the fitting there will be sushi. And shopping. And maybe a little chocolate.

– Next Friday, a very special guest is coming for the weekend. That’s right, I’m finally meeting Clink. We’ve agreed that for one weekend and one weekend only, all diets are off the table, as food and drink will be taking precedent.

– The weekend after that is my cousin’s wedding. A NYC affair that is bound to be spectacular. It’s also an excuse to put on a fabulous little black dress, curl my hair and dance all night.

– The gym–the place I used to despise–is becoming almost second nature. If I don’t go I feel off and when I do go, after working myself into a red, sweaty mess, I feel spectacular.

So see you later, January. I got me a date with February.

What does this month hold for you?