The dress fit. My wedding dress fit! Actually, it has to be taken in a little but seriously, people. It. Fit. Woo! Also, the new bridesmaid dresses are perfect and my girls are going to look stunning in the deep red. Claret, if you will.

I was in NY for less than 18 hours.Β A whirlwind trip that was so productive. Wedding dress in? Check. Bridesmaid dresses ordered? Check. Guest list finalized, shower venues scouted, veil purchased? Check, check annnnd check. There was also the promised sushi and chocolate. Mmmm.

I also have the first of my something old, new, borrowed and blue quad completed. My aunt gave me a beautiful delicate gold and diamond bracelet worn by my great grandmother. I guess it’s old and borrowed! I love it.

I am officially back on board the wedding train. Next on my list, among many, many others, is figuring out our honeymoon. Originally, I had my heart set on St. Lucia. I really want to be warm on my honeymoon and after looking at my friend’s St. Lucia honeymoon pictures, I was hooked. Tropical beaches, warm sun, a private pool with my husband by my side? Yes, please.

The only problem is that October is hurricane season in the Bahamas. And while we might be fine, we might get hit with a giant storm. I don’t know if I want to risk it.

So option two: Napa Valley, California. Gorgeous hotels, leisurely wine tours, relaxing massages? Neither of us have ever been to Napa Valley, it will still be warm out there and Michael won’t have to get on a tiny plane to get there.

Option three: I don’t know what option three is. At this point Michael doesn’t really have much of an opinion on it so I’m doing the planning myself. Yes, there’s always Europe, but Michael is terrified of flying and I don’t want that to put a giant damper on our trip. I also have to think about this from a financial standpoint, unfortunately. We’re paying for the majority of the wedding on our own and I need to plan the honeymoon accordingly.

So my loves, help a sister out. Where did you honeymoon? Not married? Where have you vacationed? Help plan my honeymoon!