High: It’s Wednesday, which means the week is half over and Clink visits in two days.

Low: It’s only Wednesday, which means only half the week is over and I only have two days to clean the house before Clink visits.

High:The gym and I are total BFFs. We meet up for drinks five times a week minimum.

Low: Damn you, triceps machine and your ability to make me almost grunt. (Which you know I hate!) We will meet again tonight you evil bastard.

High: All this gym has made the majority of my clothes fit better, except for my pants which are mostly all too big. Woo!

Low: My pants are too big. Which means that except for the first 20 minutes out of the dryer, they’re saggy and loose. And with the wedding only, omigod, eight months away, I really can’t afford to be spending money on new pants.

High: I’m getting married in eight months!

Low: I’m getting married in eight months. There is SO much to do. Yesterday I went to set up a room block at a local hotel, but when I got there I was informed that the woman behind the desk could not help me. Doug, the group guy, could help me. But Doug wasn’t there. Doug will be in today. After 10. I have to speak to Doug.

High: I’m wearing a cute shirt today.

Low: I just noticed that the layer I have underneath it is inside out.