It has arrived. Eight hours from now I will be standing at the train station (or if it’s still raining, hiding in the Envoy) anticipating Clink’s arrival.

It’s like the universe knew, because her save-the-date arrived last night and is hanging on the fridge.

 If you’ve been to her site today, you know she packed a lot of shoes.

If you saw my closet, you’d know I reorganized mine. You know, in case she wants to look at them.

The gym was visited this morning as once last attempt to burn off some calories, as this weekend holds nothing but drinks, food and more drinks and food.

I freaked out and stayed up late cleaning my bedroom. Yeah, my bedroom. Where I sleep. I may write about the piles, but I can’t let her be exposed to them on the first meeting. Next time she visits it’s fair game.

I have no idea what shoes to wear. Purple? Blue? Magenta? Stand-by black?

Pictures Monday…all boobs, bling and smiles.