As soon as she stepped off the train, I knew it was going to be a great weekend. There wasn’t a second of awkwardness. Instead, there was a screaming and jumping spectacle in the train station parking lot, complete with, “You smell so good!” and “You look like YOU!” And she does look like her. She’s gorgeous–tall, curvy and has hair to die for.

We jumped in the car talking a mile a minute, minus a quick pause when she called M to let him know that I was in fact who I said I was and not some creepy 45-year old man.

She was quickly introduced to Kodiak and his habit of sitting in the bathroom with you. I think she handled it just fine.

Off to the bar, where five (six? ugggh) martinis were consumed over the night. Clink had me laughing all night. Her blog doesn’t accurately portray how animated and vivacious she is. She can talk to anyone, she’s hilarious and she just rocks. Period. She had no problem getting along with Michael and talked easily with my friends.

I wish I could tell you I had a ton of amazing pictures, but the truth is we waited until about halfway through the night to start taking them, which resulted in mostly blurry shots of usually half of our faces.


We did get the (blurry) bling shot. Notice the rows of empty martini glasses behind them.


And then Clink broke a glass. And it took until the next afternoon, over lunch with BossMike (who actually coined today’s title) to figure out that my bleeding finger was not caused my by the zipper on my jeans (what?) but by a piece of glass. What to do you know.


Lunch with BossMike was great–just like three old friends that had known each other forever. It was far too short and will have to be repeated. It was also topped off with Chocolate Yummies (they WERE) from PB & Razz. My thighs hate you, but my stomach adores you.

Clink recapped the highlights of the weekend pretty well, but I have a few to add.

– She and M adore each other. It was so sweet to see the note he hid in her suitcase, the way he texted her saying he missed her and to hear them talk on the phone. There is no doubt in my mind that those two have a long and happy future together. I cannot wait until next weekend when over brunch, I try and convince M that he should really move to Rhode Island.

– She has the cutest clothes, great green shoes and an infectious laugh. She also calls cute things “munch” which I loved.

– I felt like I had known her all my life and was sad to see her go. She gets it, gets me.

Stay tuned for next weekend, when hopefully we get some non-blurry pictures.