I hate period week. Not only does it make me want to eat everything in the house, it also makes me super, extremely, highly emotional. Take last night. Last night I…

a) Came home from work, had a cupcake, went to the gym.

b) Came home from the gym, had dinner, ate another cupcake.

c) Curled up on the couch with Michael and started watching TV, alternating betweenΒ Dirty Jobs and the Westminster Dog Show. (We’re Team Newfie, in case you were curious.) Proceeded to tear up every time the commercial with the little dog at the pound named Echo that no one chooses came on. Damn you, Pedigree and your heart wrenching commercials! (Need a good cry? Here it is.)

d) Checked my email and read one from my mom where she said she just doesn’t like one of the things I posted about yesterday. Begin to cry, AGAIN, because wedding planning can be so frustrating and if it was next week I could handle a stupid disagreement but it’s this week and if you look at me the wrong way I might burst into tears.

e) Was consoled by Michael who assured me that whatever I choose will be beautiful and don’t worry, the lady from the church will call you back and yes, you look cute even with a red nose and watery eyes.

f) Ate a cupcake. Don’t you dare judge me.

PS- I’m guest posting over atΒ Barbie’s place today.