“It’s Disney-themed,” Carley said as she stirred the pasta.

Jenna’s hand froze mid-air, the vegetable peeler poised over the cucumber. “I’m sorry,” she laughed. “Did you just say your wedding is going to be Disney-themed?”

“Mmm hmm. I’m really going to miss pasta,” Carley replied wistfully. “No more carbs until after ‘I Do!'”

Who was this alien standing in her kitchen, Jenna wondered. “Car, seriously? Disney? As in, Someday my prince will come?”

“No, silly. I’m thinking more When you wish upon a star.”


Friends ever since the day Jenna moved to Oakbrook Meadows, Illinois. She stood nervously in the doorway of Mrs. Kitchner’s 1st grade class, clutching her Dark Crystal lunchbox.

“Class, this is Jenna Matthews,” Mrs. Kitchner said, wiping Elmer’s glue on her pants.

“Hiiii, Jenna,” the class chimed in unison.

“Jenna, you’ll sit here, next to Carley,” she said, leading her over to a girl with a long red ponytail. “Carley, please show Jenna where we keep the crayons.”

“I like the blue crayon best,” said Carley.

“I like the pink crayon,” Jenna said.

“Me too,” replied Carley. “I like the pink crayon best.”


Jenna and Carley, Carley and Jenna. Known as best friends up through high school, the two were never apart. They sat next to each other at every birthday party, slept over each other’s houses every weekend and shared their clothes. Everything they did, they did together. Except for getting their periods. Jenna got hers first the summer before eighth grade. Carley told everyone she got hers too, but it wasn’t until the fall that she really needed those Always pads she carried in her backpack.

Carley Chameleon, Jenna called her. Always changing her opinions, her clothes or her hair based on what others were doing. It didn’t surprise Jenna when in high school, Carley was suddenly interested in ice hockey, then video games, then chemistry–depending on who she was dating. It never bothered Jenna too much because when they were together, Carley was Carley. The Carley that liked strawberry ice cream slightly melted, who could rollerskate circles around anyone and had the best collection of Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. If she wanted to put on an ugly jersey and cheer for a sport she didn’t get, Jenna couldn’t care less.

The two parted ways for college, Jenna making her way to Boston University to study English while Carley picked Oklahoma State for the sororities. “It doesn’t matter what I chose for a major, Jen,” she explained. “It’s all about who you meet along the way.”


The sound of her cell phone broke Jenna’s concentration. She knew who it was before she even looked. Carley, back from her trip to Florida. Which boyfriend and she gone with? Tim? Benjamin?

“Hi, Car.”

“I’m getting married, Jen!” Carley squealed into the phone.

“Oh yeah, what’s this one’s name?” Jenna said brushing the toast crumbs from her laptop, thinking that Mr. Florida was yet another “perfect” boy who Carley swore she was going to marry.

“Keith! His name is Keith. Remember? I told you about him. He’s a Sigma and I met him at a highlighter party last semester and Jen you should see the ring! It’s so sparkly and it’s a princess cut. “A princess for my princess,” he said. He got on his knee right in front of Cinderella’s Castle and I couldn’t even speak! Jenna, say something!”

“Are you insane?”

To be continued…