– While delicious, grande soy no-water chais are not food. I should really stop substituting them for breakfast because I’m always hungry an hour later. Also, at almost five bucks a pop, by the end of the month I’ll have basically drank away a pair of shoes. SHOES, people.

– Speaking of shoes, I’ve been a total slacker with updating my “Wearing” and “Wanting” shoes. Sorry about that. When I switched jobs I saved all the images of shoes I actually owned on a disk. That disk sat in a bag in my car up until last weekend when Michael got tired of looking at it. Now the disk is sitting in the bag in the upstairs hallway. Maybe by next month I’ll actually, you know, take it out.

– Have you visited The Winning Pitch lately? Do you know it’s updated three times a week with random topics that interest fabulous women?

– DJ or wedding band? That’s what we’re trying to decide right now. Michael is pro-band, I’m pro-DJ. Here’s why: DJs can’t really mess up the music, they cost less and they’re only one mouth to feed. I understand the appeal of a band, but it’s got to be a great band in my opinion.  I’ve been listening to samples online and usually just feel ehh about them.

– I want to write a book. I really do. I think if I wrote a book it would probably be in the chick lit genre (how many of you just rolled your eyes?) because, well, I’m girly. I’m not really sure how to get the ball rolling. If I wrote a book, would you read it?

– Every morning Kodiak gets two biscuits with his breakfast. He usually hides them in a corner, behind a door or under the couch until later in the evening when he unearths them and eats them up. This morning I noticed that he hadn’t eaten the biscuits from yesterday, so I didn’t give him two new ones. Clearly agitated about it, he nudged me repeatedly as I put the new biscuits back in their container.

“Mom,” Michael said, using the ‘Kodiak Voice’, “Mom, I’m saving those in case of a recession. Mom, give me my biscuits!”

I didn’t oblige. He can eat the ones from yesterday. I swear, if Kodiak was a person he’d be a little old lady who saves bottle caps and pieces of string.