This weekend was completely and totally wedding productive. Starting with Saturday evening. While torrential rain beat down on the roof of the store, Michael and I registered. He wasn’t into it at first (and he will maintain the the utensil aisle was pure torture) (a spaghetti spoon? Why do we need a spaghetti spoon?) (Because we do.), but once he got into the wish list scanning groove, we had a good time.

The one thing we didn’t register for is china, because we’re set to inherit a boatload of it and even if we wanted our own we don’t have the space for it. So imagine my surprise when we sat down in the bridal section to set up our registry and were met by a burly guy named John — polo shirt unbuttoned a tad too far, multiple tattoos cascading down his arms, heavy northern Rhode Island accent and hands as big as baseball mitts — trying to convince us after I told him no, we won’t be getting china, that china was exactly what we needed. He went as far as to slam a dinner plate down on the table to prove its durability. How did this guy get stuck in the bridal registry?

Impressive, John. Really. Now give us the scanning gun.

Two hours later we emerged triumphant — our list full of everything from ridiculously high thread-count sheets to kitchen appliances to mixing bowls. I realize that we probably won’t get everything on our list, but anyone who gets Michael the fancy-pants coffee maker will be good in his book.

Sunday morning, bright and early, we went to church. I was a little apprehensive because I really wanted to like it. I wanted to feel comfortable and relaxed and I wanted it to be the place we would have our ceremony.

I lucked out.

The service was probably the most comfortable I’ve ever felt in a religious setting. The church is beautiful, yet simple. The service was community oriented, relaxed and happy. It didn’t feel overbearing, stuffy or harsh. It felt right.

We’re calling today to book it!

And to top of the weekend, his mother agreed to host the rehearsal dinner. It’s all coming together!