I did this back in October, but there’s been so much planning since then. Time to do it again.

A- Autumn-themed. Yes, I’m getting married in October and yes, I’m using fall colors, but that does not mean I want a fall-themed wedding. As a matter of fact, I don’t want an anything-themed wedding, but every timeΒ I get a wedding-related email from a wedding-related website it suggests I outfit my reception with leaves! and acorns! and haybales omigod no.

B- Band. In the end, we couldn’t swing it and will be going with a DJ. I’m OK with the decision. I think Michael is a little bummed about it, but unless anyone wants to donate a few grand to us we’re going with a DJ. The end.

C- Ceremony. As soon as the church is officially booked I need to start planning my ceremony. Will there be readings? Who will do them? Is there a unity candle? How will I decorate the pews? The packet says no receiving line at the church but if I ask pretty please with Jesus on top will you let me?

D- Dinner. I better get to eat some of it. For what we’re paying for all our guests to eat I’d really like to taste the food. I hear that often the bride and groom don’t really get to eat. Hi, do you know me? I like to eat.

E- Engagement. Six months in a few weeks. It’s going by so quickly!

F- Father/daughter dance. I still haven’t figured this one out. The song I had in mind is too fast and so many of the traditional ones kind of creep me out. I wanted to surprise my dad, but perhaps I should let him help pick it.

G- Groomsmen. Five to my seven girls. Which means two lucky lads get to walk with a lady on each arm. Ow, ow!

H- Hair. I think I’ve been very much NOT a Bridezilla throughout this whole processes. The only thing that may be considered a little bitchy is that I told my girls I don’t care how you do your hair, you just can’t wear it like mine. That’s not too bad, right?

I- Invitations. They’re being designed! I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

J- Jewelry. I am wearing a simple gold and diamond bracelet that belonged to my great-grandmother. I need to figure out the earrings.

K- Knowledge. I’ve been picking the brains of former brides for helpful hints and tips, must-dos and stuff not to worry about it. I even emailed my friend last night and asked about her undergarments! Luckily, she loves me and responded right away.

L- Love. Oh yeah, we got that covered.

M- Music. It is “suggested” that we use the organist in the church for our ceremony music. I’m not really sold on that idea since I have a specific song I want to walk down the aisle to and I have a feeling the organist doesn’t know any David Gray. So I’m looking into a string quartet or trio. I think it would be very pretty.

N- Need tissues. Feel it my be inappropriate to put inside bra. Will make bridesmaids carry in their bras instead.

O- Ocean. Cross your fingers it doesn’t rain because I really want pictures by the sea.

P- (Um, apparently I forgot ‘P’ my first time around. Interesting.)

Q- Questions left to answer. What time will the ceremony start? Will that leave enough time for outdoor pictures afterwards? I don’t really want to see Michael before the ceremony, but a lot of people recommended it. Should we?

R- Rehearsal dinner invitations. I think we need them, his mom thinks we don’t. Thoughts?

S- Shoes. I haven’t bought them yet but I’ll need them when I got for my dress alterations so I have to get a move on. I’ve thrown out the idea of colored shoes and decided to go the traditional white. But fabulous white, natch.

T- Transportation. We have a big bridal party so only the girls are going to have special transportation to and from the hotel, church and reception. I haven’t done enough research yet to make a decision, but Rhode Island has a super cute trolley that gets used for weddings and I might do that instead of a limo. Maybe. We’ll see.

U- Undergarments. I think my something blue will be blue undies. Cute, no?

V- Vacation. I could use one with all this planning. Thing is, I’m basically saving every penny so a vacation isn’t really an option

W- Wish list. aka, my registry. Um…I kind of want everything on it. Right now.

X- eXercise- Since I started I’ve lost a good amount of weight and toned up. But I still can’t banish that pesky under-arm flub. So annoying!

Y- Youngsters. There will be none attending the wedding. Sorry, parents.

Z- So, I don’t have a Z. Sorry.