The red ones win by a landslide. The bow shoes turned out to be more taupe than white and not only were they too big, but the pointy toe was eerily long and beak like. No thanks.

I’m going to keep looking for a white pair to possibly wear at the ceremony, but I’m definitely wearing the red ones to the reception! They fit perfectly, are completely comfortable and are totally sassy.

Speaking of fit, I love how no matter what you weigh, shoes always fit. I used my period as an excuse to slack off a little on my healthy eating plan and I swear I feel a difference after just a few days. Note to self: lay off the Cadbury mini eggs. It didn’t help that our intern brought in amazing chocolate chip cookies today. I only ate half of one.

So far.

In an effort to get myself back on track, I’m enlisting all of you. I need some new yummy yet healthy dinner ideas. Give me some!

Here’s to a happy (and healthy) weekend.