It’s that time again, my dears. Time to cringe at the creations that are definitely not foot-worthy.

It’s a platypus mixed with a high-class call girl. Duck-billed, yet classy.


Can we just take a second and look closely at this shoe? Did you look hard? It has lips on it. LIPS, people. Not just lips on the body of the shoe, oh no, but a big, fat three dimensional lip right on the toes. This brings foot fetishes to a whole new level.


I usually require a much bigger laundry basket,  but this would be great for carrying a pair of socks to the basement. Or perhaps I could use it in the gentle cycle to wash my delicates.


Come spring, the caterpillar will shed its cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly.


The cure for an annoying coworker: stuff a cork in it.


This particular shoe deserves a lot of commentary, but it’s hidden so well by all that camo that I can’t seem to see it.


Venetian blind chic. Plus ventilation! You just can’t go wrong.