– if I pick at a bump before bed, it will be a big honking zit on my chin by morning.

– a man’s electric razor is not meant to be used on a woman’s armpit, even in a rush. (Ow, ow, ow, OW my armpit.)

– not everyone loves shoes as much as I do. I cannot expect all seven of my bridesmaids to want to buy the same shoe. Even if they are purple and fabulous and on sale half off.


(Side note: they come in white too…should I buy them?)

– there’s only one person who can make me go to the gym. Me. So, um, self? Stop slacking this week.

– I should never doubt my reader’s taste in dresses. I’ll be ordering two to try. You’ll  have to wait and see which ones!

– Cadbury chocolate mini eggs are bad for me. I need to stop eating them. Even if Michael’s mom gave me THREE BAGS for Easter.

– seeing boxes waiting on the doorstep from the store I registered at is so exciting. We are now the proud owners of a big bamboo cutting board!

– if my hair has the perfect combination of body and curl before bed, it will look like a clown wig when I wake up.

– if I get a text in the morning that says “there will be no heat at the office today…bundle up!” I SHOULD LISTEN.