Dear Michael,Β 

Does it always rain on our anniversary? It seems like it does. Maybe it’s because April showers bring May flowers, or maybe it’s because metaphorically the rain is washing away the troubles of the year just for one day — for us.

Today marks six years together. While wonderful, today is also bittersweet. Today is the last time we will celebrate April 4th as our anniversary. It will be a year and a half before we celebrate again and then we’ll have to turn the counter back to one.

One year of marriage.

I knew I would marry you from very early on. Did I ever tell you about the night my girlfriends and I drank too much apple vodka and I wrote all over my dorm in yellow chalk “I love M”? It was silly, so school girl. When I woke up in the morning my head was pounding. I rubbed my eyes and noticed the yellow residue on my hands. Pieces of the evening started to come back and I sat up to inspect the damage.

It was everywhere. On the door, on the wall, the ceiling and my dresser. You were coming over in an hour and I knew I had to destroy the evidence. I washed away every chalk mark.

Well, every mark except one.

I kept one on the side of my dresser, the side that faced my bed. “I love Michael”.


There are memories of you that I will carry with me my whole life. Our first kiss. That night on the cliff — thunder and lightening over the ocean. Your face on graduation day. Standing under the mist in Niagara. Singing along to Counting Crows as the plains of Oklahoma sped by us.

The proposal.

In October I’ll have a new memory. The one where I’m walking down the aisle to you.

One day I’ll tell our grandchildren about these memories. I’ll show them pictures of their grandpa in his 20s. See how handsome? You’ll be a great grandfather. And father.

We have so much to look forward to.

April 4th has been good to us.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I love you!