First of all, will someone please tell me where the spell check is on the new WordPress? It’s driving me crazy.

Also, don’t forget to visit the post below to learn all about the Star50 purse party on The Winning Pitch this week. You could win a free bag!

Moving on…

I’m kind of at a loss this week so I thought I would take the path of my girl La and ask you what you want to know. Throw some questions at me peeps. A few people have asked me to share my gym routine. Is that something you really want to hear about it? I’ll share if you do.

Moving on again…

The coolest thing has been happening. Presents have been showing up on our doorstep. In big boxes! Most recently we became the owners of a set of dishes and a cute skinny vacuum with a detachable dust buster that I adore. Kodiak hates it. I’m going to have to take a video of him chasing around the vacuum because you won’t believe how agitated he gets over it. He also figured out that if he pushes his nose on the middle button the dust buster turns on.

He thinks it’s the greatest thing since provolone cheese.

He is also in the process of blowing his winter coat, which means I am forever chasing him around with some sort of vacuum and complaining that I JUST CLEANED THERE when he sits down and sheds. I know he can’t help it, but jeesh. I actually tried vacuuming him with the upholstery attachment. He didn’t seem to mind but I don’t think it did much.

He also gets amusement out of saving his dog biscuits all day long until after I’ve cleaned, then plopping down in the middle of the rug to eat them.

Every. Single. Time.

It’s totally on purpose. Michael thinks it’s funny, but that’s because he’s not the one chasing the dog around the house with a dust buster.

Hm. I probably look really funny doing that. Maybe someone should take a video of ME.

PS- The lovely Heidi has pointed out that since I get so many emails about shoes, maybe I should start a once weekly shoe advice post. I got one today, actually. KB sent me a picture of a dress she’s wearing to a wedding and asked what shoes she should wear. I sent her a ton of suggestions.

So, much like Whoorl does Hair Thursdays, if you send me a shoe question, I’ll post it on the blog with suggestions. Just email me!