Wow, do you people deliver! With all your shoe question comments and emails we’ll be set for a few weeks! Awesome. If you didn’t ask one but have one buried in the depths of your sole (ok, ok, bad joke) email it to me at

Today I’m combining two questions into one post because they both deal with white shoes.

Heidikins says:

“And now for a Super Important Shoe Question… white shoes. Can you wear them pre-Memorial Day? What are the rules? I’m talking white-white, not cream, or beige, or neutral/bone/tan stuff… but cute, white peep-toe heels with a bow. Your thoughts?”

Before I dive in here I think it’s important to state that all advice here is a matter of opinion, MY opinion and you can take it with a grain of salt.

That being said, I kind of hate white shoes. Well, not all white shoes, but white pumps. I think no matter how many peep toes or bows you stick on them, they still scream 1984. And unless you take super good care of them, they tend to get dirty really quickly and a dirty shoe is an ugly shoe.

However, I do personally own a pair of white flats that I adore, especially in the summer, because they make my skin look tanner and surprisingly go with a lot of outfits. So if you’re going to go white, I say go flat as well.

Like these unobtrusive sandals. They are white, but because you see more foot than anything it’s not like an avalanche explosion. Plus they’d look adorable will a flowy summer dress:

Or these with a little bit of embellishment. I think the key here is to break up the screaming white with a little bit of detail for optimum cuteness:

As for time of year, I think it’s best to wear white shoes when the weather turns warm. If you live down South you can start earlier than us New Englanders, but I would be cautious to break them out before early May.  

And please, whatever you do, stay away from any white shoe that’s patent leather!

Courtney says:

“What do you do with non-fancy but non-everyday white shoes you wore to your wedding outside of letting them sit and collect dust in the guestroom closet? Please share.”

For me, weddings are really the only acceptable white pump occasion. I mean, it’s your wedding, right? But afterwards many brides find themselves with a pair of shoes (often expensive shoes) that they’ll never wear again.

Dye them.

I know what you’re thinking, ugh, Dyeables. But shoe dyeing has come a long way since the days of hot pink shoes to match your hot pink dress that matches your hot pink hat omigod. Since Courtney’s shoes fall in the midrange of casual and fancy, I would suggest dyeing them plain old black. Like a little black dress, black shoes always work.

Since the majority of bridal shoes are made in some form of satin, dyeing really is pretty easy. Remember the red shoes I picked for my wedding day? You could easily dye you shoes that color, or any color of the rainbow, really. Just pick the one that would be most useful to you.

Many stores that sell bridal shoes will dye shoes for you, but a simple Google search for “shoe dyeing” brought up tons of sites as well.

What are your thoughts on white shoes?