– After getting royally screwed over by the IRS (apparently there was a mistake on my W2 at my old job which left me owing money this year, even though I made crap money there), I figured I had to be a responsible adult and not go spend a bunch of money on a beautiful new party dress from Nordstrom.

I may have cried a few tears.

Especially when I was stupid enough to go try on dresses that of course I wanted to buy and had to put back.


So instead I emailed my sophisticated and classy friend and asked to raid her closet, knowing that she would have something beautiful to wear. She brought me four dresses, each one better than the next, including on amazing Anna Sui that I almost picked just because it’s an Anna Sui.

After much deliberation with both Michael and Jen, I decided on the always-classy J Crew.

(This one in black.)

It’s super sexy on and completely stunning, especially when paired with a pair of polka dot peep toes. Outfit for the wedding on Saturday? Check.

– Since my friend’s wedding is on Saturday, a bunch of us headed up to Boston this past weekend for her bachelorette party. It was a ton of fun — from what I remember. Let’s just say that tequila shots are never a good idea.


My camera never seemed to make it out of my bag once we left the hotel, but I do have some great poses before we left including this one, where we are obviously super suave.

– Time for another wedding nightmare. Although this one was less of a nightmare than it was just really weird. I dreamt that I was getting married at some sprawling outdoor place and before my wedding ceremony there was a pre-ceremony with all the brides and grooms that would be getting married that within two weeks. We all crammed into a little church and had to talk about our feelings.

Then as we were leaving, I saw my grandfather and he had no idea who I was.

Dejected, I went back to my hotel room where my mom and Suki from Gilmore Girls were trying to organize my seating chart and were arguing because somehow my mom got put at a table with Michael’s German relatives in another room.

Uh huh.

Not wanting to get in their way, I decided to go make rehearsal dinner invites on the hotel computer.

For a rehearsal dinner that had already come and gone.

The night before.

Maybe the tequila was still in my system?