I struggle with confidence.

Not in every aspect of my life. I know that if you put me on stage I’ll dance my heart out, no matter who’s watching. I know that I can write a story that will capture someone’s attention. I know I can walk — even run — in high heels and when I strut it, believe me, I strut with confidence.

But my confidence seems to waiver when it comes to work. I don’t know why that is. I mean, I proved myself by beating out almost 100 candidates to receive my first job. I didn’t know a thing about public relations then, but I learned. And I did a good job. By the time I left I was so confident there…that I was afraid to leave.

I basically got recruited for my current job and have been given a lot of responsibility already. But even as I work through my daily tasks I catch myself wondering — am I doing well?

I hate the doubt. Little by little I try to push through it. Do a task, even if you do it wrong. Speak up in the meeting, even if you’re wrong.

That’s what it is. The fear of being wrong. And anyone who works in PR knows that sometimes, you’re just going to be wrong. An editor isn’t always going to like your idea. A client might feel you’re not taking the right approach for their product. And a good publicist needs to be able to say OK, I was wrong.

And move on.

So I’m working on it. Day by day, little by little. I hope that the saying you gotta fake it to make it is true. If I keep telling myself I’m confident and working towards my goal, eventually I’m going to get there.


One thing I am confident about if my shoe advice. So check out this week’s installment below.